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Catalpa Street Garage LLC. Is Here To Help You in Santa Cruz, CA!!!

Hello there! Have you noticed anything odd with your car? Perhaps you’re uncertain whether it requires a mechanic or not. We understand! Our team is here to assist you in detecting possible vehicle malfunctions at the earliest, saving you both money and trouble.

Guess what? You have good intuitions, and we trust you! Use your SENSES to determine whether you should bring your car by for one of our professionals to inspect.

Do you FEEL anything out of the ordinary?
There are a few common experiences that car owners have shared, such as:

    • Front-End Shimmy
    • Steering Wheel Shake
    • Unusual Vibration


              Are there any HINTS you hear that are unusual or unique?
              The following are a few common sounds that necessitate a trip to a mechanic:

                • Clunk or Clunking
                • Noise When Turning
                • Clacking
                • Clicking
                • Chickachicka
                • Squeak or Squeaking
                • Leaking Air Sound


                                          Have you SEEN anything new or perplexing?

                                          The following are a few typical problems you may encounter:

                                            • Unusual Lights
                                            • Leaks
                                            • Flickering


                                                      Have you SMELLED anything strange recently?

                                                      These are a few common odors that signify that your car may need a repair shop:

                                                        • Gas
                                                        • Oil
                                                        • Burning


                                                                  We’re just a quick visit away at Catalpa Street Garage LLC., located at 2844 Soquel Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95062, or you can call us at 831-464-2269 to speak with one of our welcoming and professional technicians. Come and see us soon!


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