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At Catalpa Street Garage, we take great satisfaction in providing our customers with an exceptional level of customer service. We genuinely care about you and your vehicle, and this commitment extends to our warranty.

When we fix your car, we want you to have full faith that we’ll do it right the first time. Catalpa Street Garage is a TechNet Professional Automotive Service Facility; as a result, you are protected by a 24-month or 24,000-mile (whichever comes first) limited repair warranty that covers all of North America. 

The last thing we want is for you to repeatedly pay for repairs because something isn’t quite right. If you have any questions or concerns, kindly get in touch with us so that we can make sure our guaranteed warranty covers your car repairs. To schedule an appointment for vehicle repair in Santa Cruz, CA, call (831) 464-2269 right away!

What Is Covered Under This Warranty?

The following is a list of eligible repairs and parts that are covered under our nationwide limited repair warranty:

  • Air conditioning, heating systems
  • Clutches (clutch component or assembly repair and replacement)
  • Electrical system(s)
  • Brake system(s)
  • Engine cooling system(s) and engine performance services
  • Exhaust system(s)
  • Emission control system(s)
  • Fuel system(s)
  • Ignition system(s)
  • Hybrid drive battery replacement(s) installed after July 1st, 2016
  • Electronic engine management (and other on-board computer) system(s)
  • Steering/suspension system(s)
  • Starting and charging system(s)


This guarantee does not cover normal operational wear, excessive or abusive usage, performance changes, or commercial use. Please contact our shop today if you are experiencing an issue with a repair we have performed or a part we have provided for you. We can discuss your warranty and let you know if you’re covered. 

What Is Not Covered

There are some limitations to what the nationwide warranty can cover. The following are some of the exclusions to our program: 

  • Non-warranty Services: If you have another service performed at the same time that you are having a warranty service done, then you must pay for the service that is not covered by the warranty. 
  • Cause of Damage: If the damage to a part or previous repair is caused by abnormal use, music, neglect, accident, alteration, or tampering done by anyone other than the employees at Catalpa Street Garage LLC or other Technet Professional Automotive Service Facilities, the warranty does not apply. 
  • Normal Wear & Tear: If the part or previous repair has been damaged or worn down naturally by everyday wear and tear, the warranty does not cover the service. 


The employees and agents at Catalpa Street Garage LLC do not have the ability to change the terms and conditions of this warranty or provide any guarantees other than those specified in this warranty. If you are still determining whether or not your part or service is covered under this warranty, feel free to contact us or bring your vehicle into our shop, and we can take a look. 

How to Obtain Service Under Warranty

To obtain service under the warranty, bring your vehicle into our shop or contact our team to schedule an appointment. We can take a look at the part or service and let you know if is covered, provide you with a diagnosis, and repair your vehicle. 

However, we understand that this is a nationwide warranty, and you may be unable to bring it back into our shop in the event that you are not in Santa Cruz, CA. In this event, we recommend contacting the National Warranty Administrator at (866) 588-0728, and they can redirect you to the nearest TechNet shop (since they offer the same warranty) to repair your vehicle. 

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Now that you know your automotive services are covered by our nationwide warranty, what’s stopping you from bringing your vehicle into Catalpa Street Garage LLC. We have been providing high-quality, professional auto repair services in Santa Cruz, CA, as well as excellent customer service since 1978. 

We also provide clear estimates for our service so that you can get a breakdown of the costs for repair without worrying about hidden fees. Any and all makes and models of vehicles are welcome at our shop and will receive the same level of care and attention. Our team is skilled in a range of services, from transmission to module programming. Contact us today at (831) 464-2269 or stop by our shop.