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Welcome to Catalpa Street Garage LLC, your one-stop shop for classic cars and hot rod services in Santa Cruz, CA. Hot rods are vehicles that have undergone modifications or rebuilds to optimize their performance and speed. They can be vehicles of any make, model, and year. These vehicles are a source of pride for those who own them and should be cared for by expert mechanics with a deep understanding of what makes these cars special. 

Our team specializes in providing a wide range of hot rod services in Santa Cruz, CA, from minor tune-ups to performance part installation. We understand the investment that goes into a hot rod and want to ensure it’s enjoyable to drive without worrying about potential breakdowns. No matter what vehicle you own, we have the expertise to fix it if it’s fixable. Our dedication to quality work extends to both classic and modern vehicles, ensuring top-notch service for all.

Maintenance Tips For Hot Rods

Maintaining your hot rod can be different than the average vehicle, and even more so if they are a classic car. Since they are not used for everyday driving, keeping track of their mileage and maintenance may take a lot of work. These tips can help you keep your hot rod in tip-top shape. 

  • Drive your vehicle at least once a month. 
  • Change the brake fluid yearly, regardless of how often it is driven. 
  • Change the oil every three months. 
  • Check the tire pressure monthly and conduct a visual inspection of their condition. 
  • If your vehicle sits for long periods, wash and wax it to keep dust and bugs from sitting on and ruining the paint. 

You should also be sure to bring your vehicle into Catalpa Street Garage LLC if you have yet to do so recently. 

Hot Rod Services From Catalpa Street Garage LLC

We offer many of the same services to hot rods as we do to other vehicles, but with an added level of attention and care to ensure we maintain the integrity of your vehicle. Some of our hot rod services include: 


Keep your beloved vehicle running smoothly for years with our comprehensive tune-up services in Santa Cruz, CA. We take care of essential maintenance tasks such as spark plug replacement, filter changes, carburetor cleaning, and fine-tuning per specifications. Rest assured, we’ll keep your car performing at its best.


Trust us with your transmission needs. Whether you require filter and fluid changes or desire a shift kit installation, we have you covered. Our skilled technicians will ensure your transmission is in optimal condition.


Put a stop to squeaky brakes and enhance your vehicle’s braking power. We offer a range of services, including regular brake pad and rotor maintenance, shoe and drum services, complete brake system overhauls, and custom installations. Whether you’re looking to install disc brakes or power brakes, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.


Don’t let electrical issues leave you stranded. Our specialty lies in wiring; we can repair or install a new wiring harness for your vehicle. If you’re experiencing electrical shorts or gremlins, our team will skillfully diagnose and solve the problem.


Need something unique for your vehicle? Look no further. We thrive on custom work and are ready to take on most custom jobs to bring your vision to life.


Unlock your vehicle’s potential with our performance services. We offer custom exhaust installations, performance manifolds, headers, camshafts, and fuel injection conversions. Our team will assist you in maximizing power and performance in any way we can.

Additional services we provide include: 

  • Custom Exhaust
  • Cat Backs
  • Direct bolt-ons
  • High-performance brake system upgrades (drilled and slotted rotors, heavier-duty pads, etc.)
  • Cosmetic enhancer installations (spoilers)
  • Short shifters
  • Lowering springs and performance suspension upgrades

If you don’t see a specific service listed, give us a call. We’re always ready to assist you. Please note that some performance parts are intended for off-road use only.

Specialized Hot Rod Services in Santa Cruz, CA

At Catalpa Street Garage LLC, you can trust that your hot rod or classic car is in capable hands. Vic, our experienced technician, possesses a deep passion and expertise in working with these timeless vehicles. Rest assured, you’ll receive the best service in Santa Cruz.

Additionally, we now offer performance part installation services. Whether you own a Domestic, Import, or European vehicle, we can enhance its power and handling capabilities. As an official Holley distributor, we have access to top-quality performance parts.

Make Catalpa Street Garage LLC your go-to destination for classic car and hot Rod repairs in Santa Cruz, CA. Contact us today at 831-464-2269 to experience the best service in town.