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Welcome to Catalpa Street Garage LLC, the premier destination for classic car and truck enthusiasts in Santa Cruz, CA. We are passionate about reviving and restoring classic vehicles, and our team is dedicated to making your dream for your prized possession a reality. Whether you need small repairs or a complete OEM overhaul, we have the expertise to handle any project with precision and excellence. Visit our shop in Santa Cruz for premier classic car repair or call us at 831-464-2269 to schedule an appointment or arrange a tow.


AC Repair and Replacement for Classic Cars and Trucks


Many classic cars utilize R12 AC systems and refrigerants, which can be difficult to find and repair. If you’re tired of suffering in a hot car cabin due to the unavailability of R12 refrigerant, come to Catalpa Street Garage LLC. We specialize in repairing or replacing outdated R12 AC systems in classic cars. 

Upgrading the AC system in a classic vehicle involves rebuilding the entire system and conducting pressure testing to ensure optimal cooling performance that meets modern standards. Our professional technicians are experts in diagnosing, repairing, and replacing AC systems in classic cars and trucks, ensuring your vehicle cabin stays cool and comfortable.

Brake Systems for Classic Cars

Enhancing the brake system of older classic cars is crucial for improved safety and performance. Traditional drum brakes are less effective compared to modern caliper and rotor setups. Catalpa Street Garage LLC offers critical safety upgrades for classic cars, including power discs, rotors, calipers, and pad upgrades. With our expert services, you can make your classic car stop more efficiently, whether driving in rainy conditions or enjoying perfect weather on the road.

Classic Car Exhaust and Fuel Systems

From vintage 1970 Challengers to classic cars equipped with a powerful 426 Hemi engine and fuel injection, our professional technicians at Catalpa Street Garage LLC are well-versed in engine and fuel system repairs and upgrades. We provide fuel mixture analysis, fine-tuning of fuel intake systems, fuel pump replacement, fuel line repairs, and gauge replacements for classic cars. 

Our specialization extends to custom exhaust installations, pipe modifications, and conversions for fuel intake systems. For classic car enthusiasts who prefer to keep their vehicles with “No mods,” we can restore intake manifolds and headers to their original condition.

Classic Engines and Transmission Rebuilds and Replacements

Regular transmission flushing is a vital maintenance task for classic cars and trucks. At Catalpa Street Garage LLC, we offer a wide range of services, from old-school tune-ups and valve jobs to complete engine and transmission rebuilds or replacements. Whether you prefer sticking to OEM specifications or want to explore modifications to upgrade clutches, differentials, and driveshafts, our expert team is equipped to handle all your needs.

Cooling System and Heating System Repairs

If your classic car requires cooling or heating system repairs or upgrades in Santa Cruz, CA, Catalpa Street Garage LLC is here to help. Our professional technicians can ensure that every auto part matches your vehicle’s original specifications or assist you in upgrading to aftermarket parts. We diagnose and address issues with radiators, electric fans, hoses, and thermostats. Whether you need a total core replacement, aluminum radiator installation, or a complete cooling system upgrade, we offer options for OEM replacements or custom system builds tailored to your specific requirements.

Hard-to-Find Parts

Since 1978, Catalpa Street Garage LLC has been renowned for sourcing and installing hard-to-find parts for classic cars and trucks. We specialize in locating discontinued engine, brake, and suspension parts that automakers no longer produce. Our mechanics can quickly source and install reproduced or refurbished fuel pumps, water pumps, pistons, and more. Rest assured that our classic car repairs utilize parts that maintain your classic vehicle’s original fit and function. When it comes to finding classic car parts, Catalpa Street Garage LLC is your reliable source.

Suspension and Steering

At Catalpa Street Garage LLC, we understand that Santa Cruz’s classic car enthusiasts demand optimal performance from their high-performance vehicles. Whether you’re looking to convert manual steering to power steering or adjust the quick ratio for a more modern sports car feel, we have you covered. Our team can replace tie rods, leaf springs, or coil springs to restore your vehicle’s ability to harness and release energy while in motion. Additionally, we offer options for replacing stock springs with lowering springs, providing a lower profile and improved handling through a condensed coil stack.

Tune-ups for Classic, Muscle, and Vintage Cars

Regular tune-ups are essential for maintaining the performance of classic, muscle, and vintage cars. Catalpa Street Garage LLC offers comprehensive tune-up services in Santa Cruz, CA, including oil changes using the correct filters and oil specific to your classic vehicle. We specialize in emissions tuning for late-model performance engines and provide bolt-on modifications for muscle and vintage car tune-ups, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your vehicle.

Choose Catalpa Street Garage LLC for Your Classic Car REpair and Truck Needs

When it comes to the care and restoration of classic cars and trucks in Santa Cruz, Catalpa Street Garage LLC is the name you can trust. Our dedicated professionals are committed to delivering exceptional classic car repair services and craftsmanship, ensuring that your classic vehicle receives the attention it deserves. Visit our location at 2844 Soquel Ave in Santa Cruz or call us at 831-464-2269 to experience our expertise and passion for classic car restoration.