Owning A Car Is A Hidden Cost For College Students

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Tips for Managing Car Ownership Costs When Attending College in Santa Cruz

Hey college students! We know that owning a car while attending school is an added expense. Here are some tips to help you manage the costs without breaking the bank:

      1. Use gas apps to find the best prices in town for gas and save money by using reward cards offered by many local gas and convenience stores.
      2. Consider a less expensive car and check with local credit unions about financing options. Some offer lower interest rates for car owners who sign up for automatic monthly payments.
      3. Shop around for car insurance to save money. If you opt for a less expensive car, you may need less coverage. Clean driving records can also keep insurance rates low.
      4. Create a solid auto maintenance plan to avoid high-cost repairs in the future and increase fuel efficiency. Catalpa Street Garage LLC in Santa Cruz is here to help!
      5. Save money on tires by setting aside a little money each month and taking advantage of manufacturer rebates.

      We want to help you keep costs in check! Contact Catalpa Street Garage LLC today at 831-464-2269 or visit us at 2844 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA, 95062 for preventive auto maintenance services. Don’t miss class because of car trouble!


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